How To Get On Release Radar

How To Get On Release Radar

Release Radar is one of the most important algorithmic playlists an artist can be added to. Release Radar is a personalized, algorithmic playlist updated every Friday, with artists that the Spotify user follows, listens to, or that Spotify thinks the user would enjoy.

The more artists a listener follows, the more their Release Radar will be comprised of those artists whereas if a listener does not follow many artists, Spotify will add artists that the Listener listens to regularly & throw in other artists they think the listener may like.

This means you can trigger release radar streams from the listeners that follow you, or if you’ve built data on Spotify by getting on user-generated playlists, they can use that data to recommend your song in Release Radar playlists of new listeners. The Spotify release Radar algorithm works by either Spotify recommending your track to listeners that stream similar music or if listeners are following your artist profile, your music will automatically show up in this playlist when it is released.

Having a lot of followers can increase your Release Radar streams, or by building up positive data on Spotify so they can recommend your music to new listeners.

If you’re just releasing your first song on Spotify, don’t expect to see many streams from Release Radar playlists. It can take multiple releases to start getting streams from Release Radar, so not everyone / every song gets on Release Radar.

How To Release Music On Spotify

  1. Choose a Distributor

Check out our blog on the top music distributors for more info.

  1.  Prepare Your Music for Release

Ensure your tracks are mixed, mastered, and ready for release. High-quality audio is crucial for making a good impression on listeners and playlist curators alike.

  1.  Upload Your Music

Using your chosen distributor, upload your tracks. Fill in all the necessary details, including metadata, album artwork, and release date. Set the release date at least 4 weeks in advance to pitch your music to Spotify.

  1. Submit to Spotify for Artists

Claim your Spotify for Artists profile and submit your upcoming release for playlist consideration. This is a critical step to get your music on Spotify's curated playlists like Release Radar.

How To Get Your Music On Spotify On Release Radar

1. Build Your Followers

Release Radar features music from artists that listeners follow. Encourage your fans to follow you on Spotify by promoting your profile on social media and specifically asking them to follow so they’ll be kept up to date with your newest releases.

2. Engage with Your Audience

Interaction on any platform boosts engagement which makes your profile more active and attractive to Spotify's algorithm. Respond to comments, create engaging content, and excite your audience about your upcoming releases.

3. Regularly Release Music

Consistency is key. Regular releases keep your profile active and increase your chances of being featured on Release Radar and other playlists.

4. Optimize Your Profile

Ensure your Spotify profile is complete and professional. Use high-quality images, and a compelling bio, and keep your discography organized.

5. Get on user-generated playlists

At Playlist Push, we’ve seen artists get thousands of streams from their new releases being put on release radar playlists. Building data by getting on user-generated playlists helps Spotify classify your music and know who to send it to.

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