How To Pitch Your Next Release To Spotify's Editorial Team

How To Pitch Your Next Release To Spotify's Editorial Team

Getting onto one of Spotify's Editorial Playlists seems far fetched and out of reach for most artists.

It seems that these playlists are reserved for artists who are typical in Billboards Top 100 but in reality any artist can get into one of these playlists whether it's their 1st or 100th release.

In this article, we'll be discussing how to set your Spotify Editorial pitch up for success to give you the best possible chance of landing on the holy grail of playlists.

Where Do You Pitch Your Song?

To get your pitch started, all you need to do is login to your Spotify For Artists account, navigate to the "Music" Tab and under "Upcoming" select "Pitch A Song".

Though you can send your song to Spotify just a week before release, this isn't recommended and you likely won't hear back.

Make Sure You Send Spotify's Editorial Team Your Pitch 28 Days Before Release.

By pitching your song to Spotify early on, you're giving their editors the best chance to listen and playlist your music.

Keep in mind you can only pitch your song to Spotifys Editorial Team pre-release so you won't see the "Pitch A Song" option available until your Music Distributor has sent Spotify your song.

How To Set Your Pitch Up For Success:

  1. Choose Which Song You Want To Pitch: Please note, you can only pitch 1 song to Spotify's Editorial Team at a time. Pick a track that you'd want millions of people to listen to. (This also means you can't pitch your whole album to them)
  2. Confirm Where You're From / Currently Based: Spotify uses this information to look for music made by people from specific parts of the world.
  3. Add Song Details:

    - Genres

    - Sub-Genres

    - Music cultures

    - Moods

    - Song styles

    - Instruments on your song

    - Is your song a cover/remix?

    - How was it recored? (Studio/Live)

    - Is your song an instrumental?

  4. Describe What Your Song Is About: This is your chance to describe what your song is about. Don't be afraid to go deep into the inspiration behind your song.

    Make sure your description is concise and well thought out / put together. It will be harder to stand out if you're using run-on sentences and exhibit poor formatting skills.
  5. Review Your Pitch: Double-check all of your information and make sure any and all information is relevant to you and your release.
Pitching Your Song Doesn't Guarantee Placement But it Will Give You The Highest Chances of Being Placed.

What To Do Once You've Submitted Your Pitch:

Once you've sent Spotify your pitch, you can just sit back and wait for your song to release.

If your track was selected to be featured on an Editorial Playlist, you'll receive an email from the Spotify Team directly. If not, don't worry, because your song could get discovered and added to one of these playlists at a later date.

However, the only way to get added to one of these playlists post-release is to establish your presence in some way to catch the attention of Spotify's Editorial Team.

Playlist Push is a great resource that can help you grow your Spotify/TikTok presence whether you're a new or established artist.

This is a sure way for you to stay on the ever-growing radar of Spotify.

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