Five Star Curators – Trevor Reeves

Trevor has helped 169 of our artists reach over 21 Million new listeners! Hometown: Fresno, CA (Currently living in Sydney, Australia) Top Genres: Compositional Ambient.

How to Get Your Music on Spotify | The Best Music Distributors

Choosing a distributor is the first step to getting your music on Spotify. We know this process can feel messy, so we’re here to help.

Five Star Curators – Rahul Bahl

Rahul has helped 70 of our artists reach over 1.2 Million new listeners! Hometown: Boston, MA Top Genres: Hip Hop & EDM Favorite Artist: Denzel.

YouTube Playlist – July 2019

1. Spotify Playlist Pluggers…The Truth Damian Keyes breaks down some of the pitfalls and opportunities for new artists when it comes to playlist pluggers. 2..

Five Star Curators – Jimmy Bruening

Jimmy has helped 73 of our artists reach over 400,000 new listeners! Hometown: Hamburg, Germany Top Genres: Neo-classical & Compositional Ambient Favorite Artist: Nathan Goshen.

Five Star Curators – Troy Rosser

Troy has helped 138 of our artists reach 15.5 Million new listeners! Hometown: Evanston, Wyoming Top Genres: Contemporary Country & Modern Country Rock Favorite Artist: Eric.

Podcast Playlist – June 2019

1. Canadian Musician Radio Podcast – Are You Primed for a Spotify Playlist Push? Playlist Push is a company that specializes in pitching indie artists’.

Five Star Curators – Vitor Fortunato

Vitor has helped 50 of our artists reach 1.2 Million new listeners! Hometown: Vitoria, BrazilTop Genres: Indie Pop/RockFavorite Artist: Timi TempleFavorite Hobby: Surfing How did you.

Five Star Curators – Matt Norcott

Matt has helped 75 of our artists reach 80,000 new listeners! Hometown: Auburn, CaliforniaTop Genres: Indie Pop/Rock & House MusicFavorite Artist: WeenFavorite Hobby: Outdoor Activities How.

5 Steps To Become The Greatest Playlist Curator on Spotify

Step 1: Upgrade Your Playlists Aesthetics You want to find a niche in your knowledge base. Use the cover photo, title and bio of your.

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