5 Steps to Creating The Best TikTok Account for Artists & Musicians (2024)

5 Steps to Creating The Best TikTok Account for Artists & Musicians (2024)

We often get questions from artists about what to do with their TikTok account. Is it worth growing your TikTok channel? What type of videos should you post?

This article is for any artist who is interested in building out your own TikTok account. Let’s dive in.

The benefits of building your own TikTok channel:

  • You can build a new following and a free promotion channel
  • You’ll become a TikTok expert by learning the app from the inside out
  • When your songs go viral viewers can find you on the app
  • As you develop your strategy, your TikTok presence can take off

The 5 Steps to Building Your TikTok Account

Step 1) Watch artist videos & immerse yourself in TikTok:

  • Follow all of your favorite artists
  • Follow artists that are similar to your music/audience
  • Follow random accounts that appeal to you

Then start watching videos. Go through the artist accounts and watch their videos. Click on their TikTok sounds and see the videos being made with their songs.

Your goal here is to get an understanding of what works on TikTok, and how artists similar to you are using the platform.

You also want to get a feel for the general TikTok landscape and how the masses engage with the app.

Step 2) Make a list of content ideas

One of the easiest ways to generate ideas is to look at what's working for other artists. As you’re doing step one, every time you find a video that you like, use the “add to favorite” button on TikTok. Build an archive of videos that you like.

Focus on things you can replicate, for example, if an artist you like is crushing it with recipe tutorials using their music in the background and you’d love doing this too, that could be a good fit. On the flipside, if they’re doing complex dance videos and you’re not a dancer, you can skip it.

Example Content Ideas:

  • Preview your songs
  • Make cover song videos
  • Share the song creation process (writing, recording)
  • Vlogs talking to your followers
  • Share your daily life
  • Share hobbies or passions
  • Jumping on existing trends
  • Duet other artist's videos

Here are a few artists you can follow to get started:

Ella Jane

@ellajanemusic hehehehe #ellajane #newmusic #indiepop #songwriter #indiepop #taylorswift #lorde ♬ original sound - ella jane

Eric Damiano


This is a song I wrote about reminiscing... the happy memories that make you sad... It’s called “Letting Me Know You” :)

♬ original sound - Eric Damiano



boaty got his drivers license n pulled up in the tesla truck with the bape on oh my daze

♬ Something About You (feat. Dent May) - Eyedress

Step 3) Learn the TikTok Basics

The basics of the algorithm are simple, TikTok rewards videos that grab user's attention and get them to watch the whole video. Beyond that, generating engagement, likes, shares, and comments, further boosts your video's viral potential.

TikTok will keep showing your video to more people if it’s generating a high completion rate (watch time) and engagement. If not, they’ll just show it to a few of your followers and then stop.

We wrote an article that breaks down all of the details here.

Step 4) Build a Base of Followers

This is easy. Do the following and you'll have a solid base to get you started.

  • Follow your friends
  • Follow back people who follow you
  • Promote your TikTok channel to your other social media accounts
  • Engage with other accounts (comment, like, follow)

Step 5) Post videos. Test until you find your groove.

Use the content ideas generated from step 2 and start posting videos. Don't worry if some videos flop, this is part of the testing process.

Keep trying different types of content until you figure out what videos are resonating.

Double and triple down once you find what's working and what you enjoy. You're off and running.

Bonus Tips:

-Link to your Spotify in your TikTok Bio
-Comment on Videos that use your sounds
-Share your TikTok Videos on your other social channels

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