How to Save Songs from TikTok to Spotify

How to Save Songs from TikTok to Spotify

You can now add songs from TikTok to Spotify with one tap!

The feature every artist and listener has always wanted has arrived.

Simply tap the +Spotify button to add the song to your Spotify library.

Getting Started: Set Your Preferred Music App

The first time you add a song, TikTok will ask you to select your preferred music app (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music.)

1) Tap Add Song in your TikTok Feed

2) Select Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music.

How to Add a Song from TikTok to Spotify:

Method 1: Add to Spotify Directly From the Video

Step 1: Tap the "+ Spotify" on TikTok

Step 2: See "Added to your Spotify Library" Message

Step 3: Listen to the song on Spotify

Method 2: Add to Spotify From the Sound Page

Step 1: Tap on Sound Title or Image to access the sound page

Step 2: Tap "+Spotify" Button on Sound Page

Step 3: Listen to the song on Spotify

Why is this TikTok & Spotify Integration a big deal?

TikTok users no longer have to leave TikTok, open up the Spotify App, and search for the song. It's now instantaneous within the TikTok app to save a song to Spotify.

By making this process so much easier, TikTok users are much more likely to save your song to their Spotify account.

  • This means the value of TikTok has just skyrocketed for artists who use the platform wisely.

Before Integration: 1-2 minutes to add a song from TikTok to Spotify.

Previously, when a TikTok user heard a song they liked, they had to memorize the song name, leave TikTok, open up their Spotify app, type in the name of the song to find it, and then add it to their Spotify library.

This cumbersome & frustrating process could take several minutes including failed attempts at spelling the song.

After Integration: 1-2 seconds to add a song from TikTok to Spotify.

Literally 1 tap.

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