Music Predictions for 2024 by George Goodrich, CEO of Playlist Push

If this is what the Zoomer resurgence of rock looks like i'm all for it...

Music Predictions for 2024 by George Goodrich, CEO of Playlist Push

Hello music fans. Before diving into my predictions, it's worth noting that 2023 was a record year for Playlist Push. We executed an unprecedented number of campaigns, and strengthened our influencer network. I'm proud of our team, labels, partners, and all of our artists we get to work with to help promote their music.

Rise of Hybrid and Niche Genres

So, let's kick things off with what I'm stoked about—the rise of hybrid genres. Young artists are tearing down the walls between styles. These niche genres that are shaking up the scene are being cooked up and consumed by Gen Z or as we call them Zoomers. Below are a some of my favorite emerging genres:

greenscreen #zoomergaze #shoegaze #julie #narrowhead #neopunkfm #fyp |  Julie Singing | TikTok

Zoomergaze or Bubblegrunge

These genres are so cool and new not even chatGPT can tell you what they are. From my interpretation they are a nostalgic grunge sound with usually soft/eloquent female vocals. Obviously it combines elements of grunge and bubblegum pop. It's carried by distorted guitars, heavy drums, and catchy melodies. If this is what the Zoomer resurgence of rock looks like i'm all for it.

Slowcore or "Spedup" Music

Slowcore, a sub-genre nestled within the broader indie and alternative music landscape, embraces a deliberate and measured pace. Characterized by its unhurried tempos, minimalist arrangements, and introspective lyrics, Slowcore invites listeners into a contemplative space where time seems to stretch. In contrast, there's a phenomenon emerging in some musical circles — sped-up music. This experimental twist accelerates the tempo, creating an accelerated sonic experience. However, with its frenetic pace and anxiety attack inducing sound it is not my cup of tea.

Death of Virtual Events

If you're like me there is nothing more soul crushing than a zoom call, or even worse, a "live" virtual concert/event. Despite their initial surge in popularity, the virtual experience has encountered certain limitations that have led to its gradual decline. Audiences, once captivated by the novelty of digital concerts and festivals, are yearning for the visceral connection that only in-person events can provide.

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The allure of standing shoulder to shoulder with your friends, feeling the bass reverberate through the crowd, and experiencing the raw energy of a live performance in person has become irreplaceable. Virtual events, while initially offering a convenient alternative, struggle to replicate the authentic, shared experience that defines traditional music gatherings.

Technological constraints, including connectivity issues, limited interactivity, and the inability to fully engage multiple senses, have contributed to the waning enthusiasm for virtual events. As society adapts, there's a growing collective desire to return to the physical spaces that have long been synonymous with the magic of live music.

Continued Growth of Independent Artists

In 2024, independent artists are poised to ascend further, securing remarkable deals with boutique distribution companies. The role of label services becomes more pivotal than ever in shaping the industry.

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Anticipate a surge in new platforms for promotion, self-serve ads, and content creation, facilitating seamless independent growth. Empowered with accessible tools and platforms like Playlist Push, artists bridge the gap, ushering in a transformative era of diverse voices and musical styles.

With newfound autonomy, independent artists firmly control the music scene, amplifying their positive impact on the industry in 2024.

Advancements in AI Music Creation ( No Shit )

"Check out my mixtape bro"

I think every prediction I've read mentions AI so I need to drop my take. Artificial intelligence is moving in the right direction to speed up music creation. Rather than replacing human creativity, AI will be used to collaborate with it. Picture AI tools seamlessly assisting artists in the studio, aiding in sound generation, and possibly foreseeing upcoming trends. This marks a harmonious blend of human ingenuity and technological prowess, promising to change the music production process. While most AI-generated music is unlistenable garbage, there's no denying its potential to expedite song production with a human touch, presenting an exciting future for musical innovation.

-George Goodrich