Want maximum results? The key benefits of extending your campaign.

Want maximum results? The key benefits of extending your campaign.

What’s the most costly mistake we see artists make? Taking their foot off the gas pedal too soon.

It’s simple. Artists far too often stop all promotion at the exact moment their song is beginning to gain momentum. Instead of pushing harder and reaching the tipping point, they ease up and minimize their gains.

The 4 key benefits of extending your campaign

1) Triggering the Spotify algorithm

The more you can gain authentic listeners in a concentrated and sustained period of time, the more Spotify's algorithm will favor your song. This is the key to getting on those algorithmic and editorial playlists.

By extending your campaign this is exactly what you'll be doing.

We’ve seen this happen hundreds of times with Playlist Push artists who double down on their momentum.

2) Creating more opportunities for success

It's simple, each additional curator you send your song creates another opportunity to get on a playlist. Each playlist add fuels the algorithm.

The more chances you give your song, the greater your results will be.

Some of our most successful artists have made it their core strategy to continue extending/rerunning their campaign to more curators until they’ve reached every single relevant playlist in our network.

For some artists, this means they extend and reinvest in a campaign 4 or 5 times.

3) Leveraging data for improved targeting & results

Each time you extend a campaign, you can leverage the existing data you've received. This means you can refine your targeting based on which types of playlists your song is resonating with.

This fine-tuning leads to improved performance on each rerun and is one of the most powerful benefits of extending a campaign.

We've even built a new matching system that will do this for you. It analyzes the playlists that added your song already, then uses AI to match your campaign to more playlists with a similar profile.

4) Investing in long tail success on Spotify

What do we mean by long tail? We’re referring to all of the listeners and streams that are gained in the weeks, months, and often years after the initial boost from your campaign.

Some artists refer to these as the “forever” streams that are generated from the ongoing momentum of a successful promotion.

Many artists we work with attribute the streams they are getting now on a song to campaigns they ran over two or three ago.

What causes the long tail streams? There are a couple core factors.

  1. When you get your song on high-quality playlists with authentic listeners, many of them turn into fans and will follow you for a long time
  2. Your promotion will create a tipping point with the Spotify Algorithm where it continues to spread, and spread and spread - via more playlists, recommendation, and Spotify radio.

The more you invest in your initial push and extending it, the greater your long-tail success will be.

Extending Campaigns with our new playlist matching AI

Finally, to make the impact of extending your campaigns even stronger we've recently released automated playlist matching.

This new system uses artificial intelligence leveraging the data from your initial campaign run to match your rerun to playlists the are most likely to enjoy your song.

To use this feature simply hit the "New Playlist Matching" button on your campaign results page.

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