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This calculator is just to give an indication of our average pricing. When setting up a campaign these numbers can vary, the actual pricing and number of playlists reached will depend on the selected genres and which curators the music will be sent to. Your music will be submitted to curators managing these playlists but that does not guarantee your music will be added to those playlists.
Frequently asked questions

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What is the minimum price for a campaigns?

The minimum budget required to run a Spotify Promotion campaign with us is $300, We have a large network of curators that we compensate well and lower priced campaigns tend to not yield measurable results.

Are results guaranteed?

Since the playlist curators and their listeners ultimately determine your performance, Playlist Push does not offer any guarantees for the results you will receive after your song is sent out.

About Playlist Push?

Playlist Push has been supporting artists for over 6 years. Since 2017, our team of passionate music marketing experts have helped over 25,000 artists, managers, and labels in reaching their goals. We currently offer campaigns on Spotify and TikTok.

We will be adding more streaming services and websites soon—including pitching your music on Apple Music, YouTube music, Instagram and more. We are proud to be known as the online music promotion leaders and one of the most trusted companies in the industry.