Three Music Marketing Strategies To Focus On In 2023

Three Music Marketing Strategies To Focus On In 2023

As the year 2022 comes to a near close and the majority of the music industry slows its roll, we now begin to set our sights on what’s to come in 2023. Each new year gives us a fresh perspective and the rebirth of yearly and monthly goals to boot. While in today’s Wild West of making it as a musical artist has unlimited options and resources for success, here we break down three strategies or ideas to focus on for the year to come.

1. Rev Up Your Output

Although we’d like to recommend a quality over-quantity mindset, the short-lived shelf life of music and engagement in the digital space is a truth that needs to be addressed. With so much of music marketing and brand success adhering to data trends and analytics, it’s no mistake that those who release and post on a constant and consistent schedule are rewarded most. This is not to stay to put out low quality work or ideas, but don’t go overboard on your perfectionism - the world is spinning too fast in 2022 and you can guarantee it will be spinning even faster in 2023 - and not every release or post is always going to be your biggest hit. In regards to the notion of output for your music brand or artist project, this is referring to a higher volume release schedule, and an even higher social media post and engagement schedule. For example, the way modern algorithms work regarding social media marketing on say Tik Tok, is that if you spend too much time perfecting one post every now and then, and don’t just blast off constant content, you won’t be rewarded with getting into new viewers and audiences that are outside of your current sphere. A great way to reach new fans on TikTok is to setup a TikTok Sound Campaign with Playlist Push, get started here. The same goes with releasing music on the streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music - the more you put out, the more opportunities and digital momentum you gain to find new fans and listeners. Everything in the digital music space is connected, and if you can bridge all of your qualities and strategies together with a rapid-fire upbeat business tactic, you’ll be sure to find some great success in 2023 and beyond.

2. Crush It Live

As we move full force into 2023 one thing is for sure: live shows are back. With the COVID-19 pandemic in our rearview mirror for the most part, the music world has seen a surge of live shows, concerts, performances, festivals, and any other in-person musical experience you can imagine. Although you can still grow and push your business through digital streaming and online performances, nothing has and nothing will ever replace the true live music experience. With that being said, make sure you take every opportunity you have when performing live to have a good show. That means practice, rehearsals, capturing content, interviews, meet & greets, etc. So much gain can come from having a good show and the fans who are there supporting you are your lifeblood, as well as attracting new fans and listeners that may have never seen or heard of you before. The impact live music has from an artist to fan relationship view, is unmatched via the digital space, so make sure you prioritize making these opportunities the best and most memorable they can be.

3. A Strong Brand Is Everything

One of the most common issues today with developing artists and musicians is their lack of brand awareness. An inconsistent brand presence can really confuse anyone who comes across your music or project, and it’s vital to hit that first impression strongly and keep up with the overall vibe. You want to make sure your business is branded around something consistent that doesn’t scatter too much into random or unrelated ideas. For example, are you going to use your Instagram business account to randomly post comedic memes that have nothing to do with your music, and then also post a video of your live show playing emotional downtempo beats? Be sure to have some separation and accuracy on your specific artist or musical project, and anything else unrelated. This idea goes for all of your artist platforms, not just social media. Another example would be, if you are self-releasing or creating your own artwork for your Spotify albums, is to keep the art branding consistent and compatible with your sound and direction. You want to remain consistent with the branding side of your business anywhere someone can see you, find you, engage with you, and ultimately listen to you.

Although these are just a few brief strategies we think will be important in the coming year, there are limitless opportunities and ideas to be successful with how fast things are changing and moving. We wish you nothing but success and happiness for 2023 and can’t wait to see the heights you go. We are here to help you get on playlists and start reaching new fans on Spotify today, click here to get started.