The REAL Trend of TikTok

The REAL Trend of TikTok

Whether you're a new artist or you've been in the scene for years, you most likely know the importance of having your music on TikTok.

TikTok gives artists of all sizes the ability to reach potential new fans at scale, and also generate social video content using their songs.

However, most artists don't know how to get their song used by other users on the platform and a majority of sounds end up having 0 videos associated to them.

Typically there are 2 strategies an artist can take when trying to get their sound used.

  1. The artist can make their sound go viral by consistently using it on their profile until a video pops off
  2. The artist will find influencers to use their sound in hopes it will go viral and start a trend

In this article, we'll be diving more into strategy #2. This will include some popular concepts artists tend to gravitate towards and also the G.O.A.T concept you should be following on your next influencer campaign.

I've personally had the opportunity to work with thousands of artists across varying genres to help them develop concepts for TikTok.

In doing so, I've had the pleasure of seeing all types of concepts role through and I've also gotten the chance to see what concepts work and don't work.

Some of the most popular concepts I see on a day-to-day basis are the following:

  • Dance videos
  • Lip-sync videos
  • Transition style videos
  • Share a story about "Insert Concept" (How you made it; How you met your significant other; Etc.)

Although these concepts sound great on paper and are great for having custom videos made using your sound, they don't do a great job getting the sound used by a large number of TikTok users.

This is because when you associate your song to a specific concept, you're inadvertently telling a subset of TikTok users that they cannot use your sound unless they do "XYZ".

To avoid this from happening, all you need to do is use the G.O.A.T concept which we'll discuss below.

The G.O.A.T Concept

As we discussed, the ultimate goal for an artist on TikTok is getting their song used by the most users possible.

How can an artist actually achieve this when they start an influencer campaign?

What strategy can you implement to reach this ultimate goal?

Well, to not overcomplicate this more than it needs to be, the G.O.A.T of all concepts is to actually...


Let me explain...  let's start off by looking at a few of the most popular sounds of 2021.

  1. Monkeys Spinning Monkeys
  2. Captain (whistle)
  3. She Share Story (for Vlog)

Can you spot the similarities these sounds have with each other? No worries if you can't.

Basically, the videos for these sounds are completely unique from one another and have taken off for different reasons.

These videos have been able to take off due to the creators having complete control of the content they're posting for their audience.

Creators don't want any of their videos to flop so they'll always try to make content that resonates with them and their audience so they can get the best results and engagement possible.

This isn't to say that a sound can't be associated with a trend but it's typically a creator that starts a random trend and not the artist.

Because of this, you need to let creators to do their part. Get your song out there, get influencers on board, and most importantly trust them.

This will set you and your sound up for the most success possible.

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