5 Reasons to Make a Spotify Artist Playlist & How to Do it

5 Reasons to Make a Spotify Artist Playlist & How to Do it

One of the greatest assets for blossoming as a musician and musical artist in today’s day and age is the “Artist Playlist” on Spotify, so here we are going to discuss this crucial tactic: why you should have your own Spotify artist playlist and how to make it.

What is a Spotify Artist Playlist?

This is a playlist that you create and add to your Spotify Artist Profile. You have full control of this playlist, so you can use it strategically to promote your music and curate the listening experience for people who visit your profile.

Where is the Artist Playlist on Spotify?

Your artist playlist is located on your artist profile page. On mobile, scroll down below the "Popular Releases" section and you will see it above your “Fans also like”.

Here’s an example of what my artist playlist looks like on my Spotify profile.

Part 1: The Reasons to Make a Spotify Artist Playlist

1) It keeps your fans buzzing & engaged

As you release music and grow your presence on Spotify, followers and fans will gravitate more to your presence and activity online and across the streaming realm. Having your own curated playlist is a really great strategy to keep buzz and engagement on your project and business. Fans will want to know what you’re up to and find more ways to connect to your brand, so curating your own playlist and promoting it, sharing it, and updating it is a smart way to hone in on that fan-artist relationship.

2) You have full control of the experience

One of the coolest things about creating your own playlist dedicated to your style or sound, is you control it. A strong playlist could be something like your favorites or inspirations around your project, including your own music. You have the power to curate and enhance your mark on your audiences by creating a collection of music your sound is similar to, songs you’re feeling at the moment, your inspiration, like-minded artists, and last but not least, your own music. You can view it almost as a sort of mini collective in a way. Growing this unique playlist will help people to never skip a beat on your songs and momentum, and what’s striking you at that particular time.

3) Introduce fans to your older tracks

Since your listeners and audience should already be familiar with your music, this is a cool chance to share some discovery and sprinkle in some of your older tunes that may have been skipped over previously. Most people follow playlists, hit the shuffle button, and let the car run so to speak, so when your music is sprinkled in with other great artists, it brings in a really special connection and feeling around you. Having a strong and relevant playlist is a good way to highlight your work in the times in between your releases. For example, on the days or weeks between your Spotify releases, it’s a great idea to set this playlist as your “Artist Pick” via your Spotify for Artists page. Doing this allows your biggest fans to be aware that you’re curating and collecting stuff that speaks to your heart, and it drives traffic and engagement to your page, profile, and all-around awareness.

4) Align yourself with bigger artists in your genre

The coolest thing about keeping up with this playlist is that it’s yours and yours only. This means you get to be the selector and you get to share your music alongside other talent. Now you have the freedom on how you want to pick these songs, place them, and how often you update them - a good starting point is a few new songs every week, or even refreshing the entire playlist with new goods - and then promoting it. With a bigger follower and listener count on your playlist, the algorithm gives you a better chance to be placed on other playlists like editorial and discovery-related, as well as being associated with artists you look up to or are inspired by. It can also help you customize your “Fans also like” with the artists you add.

It’s very common for Spotify curators to peep your profile page and see how you are keeping up and how much you utilize your Spotify For Artists tools - this can bring a positive awareness to your business.

5) You get to control branding and SEO

You have complete freedom to choose the branding and name around your playlist, but there are some good tactics to get it high-up in the search bar for when people are looking to discover new music. It’s also essential to share (and even promote) your playlist on your social media platforms as well as Reddit groups and other music forums. Heck, you can even share your playlist with businesses to play in their shop, office, restaurant, etc. Curating a good flow with good synchronicity around your sound is an important concept to be aware of, as well as the duration and how many tracks you use - you don’t want to have a 30-hour playlist that’s all over the place genre and style-wise.

Part 2: How to Make a Spotify Artist Playlist

How do I make an artist playlist on Spotify? Making the playlist is very simple. All you have to do is create it on your Spotify personal account, then add the playlist to your artist profile via Spotify for Artists

1) Create the playlist on Your Personal Spotify Profile

Note: we recommend changing your display name to match your artist name

2) Add the playlist to your Spotify Artist Profile

On Desktop

  • Log in to artists.spotify.com.
  • Click View Profile in the top-left.
  • Click + under Artist Playlists.
  • Search for the playlist or paste a Spotify link.

On Spotify for Artists Mobile App

  • Tap your profile icon in the bottom-right
  • Tap + under “Artist Playlists”
  • Tap +
  • Search for your playlist or paste the link to it

Source: Spotify

Tips for Making the Best Playlist

  • Add similar artists to your playlist that are bigger than you
  • Optimize your playlist name for SEO
  • Nail the Album Art
  • Add your Artist Playlists to your “Artist Pick”

Common Questions:

How frequently should I update my Spotify artist playlist?

Regular updates, such as weekly or bi-weekly, can keep the playlist fresh and engaging for listeners.

Should I only include my music in the artist playlist?

Including other artists, especially those in your genre or whom you admire, can provide context and showcase your influences, making the playlist more interesting and diverse.

Can interacting with fans' playlists impact my artist playlist's visibility or engagement?

Interacting with fans' playlists can increase engagement and visibility as it shows you are active within the community, potentially leading more listeners to your artist playlist.

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