How To Build A Personalized Curator Network

How To Build A Personalized Curator Network

Finding Spotify curators who want to place your music can be a challenge so when you find one you definitely don't want to let them go.

In this article, we'll discuss why favoriting playlists will help you build a personal curator network and set future campaigns up for success.

What Are "Favorites" & Why Should You Use Them?

After you've run your first Playlist Push Spotify campaign you'll be able to respond to positive reviews in a variety of helpful ways, including thanking a curator or adding their playlist as a favorite.

Why exactly is this important?

Since your goal here is to get on as many playlists as possible, it's important to "favorite" the playlists who have placed your track previously.

Doing this will put each of your "favorite" playlists into a list which you can use on any future campaign to specifically choose who you want to send your next song to first.

Given that the curator has already shown interest in your past music, it's likely they will want to place your music again should it be a similar vibe.

How Do You Add A Playlist As A "Favorite"?

To do this, all you need to do is rate a positive review 4 - 5 stars and click on "Show Options".

From there, you'll see 5 options with one of them being "Add To Favorites".

Once you add a playlist as a favorite, you can go ahead and set up a new campaign.

Setting Up A New Campaign With Favorites

During a new campaign setup, you'll get to a point where you can view your "favorites" and individually select the playlists you want to target.

After you've selected the "favorites" you'd like to target, all you need to do is review your targeting/budget to finalize your campaign.

Final Thoughts

While most campaigns lead to playlist adds, targeting your "favorites" increases your chance of getting placed and the artists we've seen take advantage of this feature have increased their placement by over 200%.

Don't wait any longer to do this, build that curator network now.

If you haven't run a campaign yet, check out the link below.

Apply For A Spotify Playlist Promotion Campaign

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