How to Contact Spotify Playlist Curators

How to Contact Spotify Playlist Curators

Finding playlist curators

You have your music on Spotify and you are getting little to no streams on your music. You have wised up and decided you need to get your music onto a playlist to gain streams and attention. Here are a few easy ways to track these people down and connect with them. It’s up to your to get them to place you.

Its not all about you

A huge mistake artist’s make when reaching out to playlist owners is they are only considering their own agenda. You need to convey that your music fits well with their list and if you place their track you are happy to share and tweet it to HELP THEM gain more followers. When pitching you need to help them or solve a problem for them. Do this and you will drastically increase your chances of a playlist add.

Be on Spotify!

I see this all the time, artists sending links to Soundcloud or even worse a YouTube video with ads in front of it! That is a fast way to never get added and never get an email back. Tuma Basa the curator for Rap Caviar: “When I’m at home and I want to hear some music and I’m about to vibe out, I do an inbox search for “open.spotify,” which for a lot of Spotify links is the naming convention. And I listen to a whole bunch. People who include Spotify links in their emails get some kind of advantage.” So step one find a distributor and have your music on Spotify. Step two get your profile verified. Step three start finding curators, in that order.

Scan LinkedIn

Linkedin is a great source to find the entire Spotify editorial team. All of Spotify’s 3,729 employees are on the site. Just connecting with them is very difficult as you are not the only person smart enough to dig deep enough to find them. You need to use an app called which will give you the email of any Linkedin profile. This is very handy and makes it ten times easier to connect with people on Linkedin.

You have one shot

You must master the art of writing a cold email. Most artist’s really struggle with this. The worst being an email with just links to their music with a subject line that reads “check out my stuff bro I’m hot.” On the other end is an intriguing subject title with a very brief message and links to music attached. To learn more about cold emailing check out this article: How to Write A Cold E-mail – Forbes.

Persistence is key

Reaching out to curators can be a very long hard and time-consuming process. If you want to succeed you need to be creative and do whatever you can to connect with these people. This includes being creative in your approach and experimenting with new ways. I spoke with an artist recently who wrote a letter to the Spotify office in New York City. That is being creative! Don’t get desperate and stay persistent!

Playlist Pitching Services

Using a playlist pitching service is the easiest way to get your music heard by hundreds of curators, it will cost you a little bit of money but trust me; its worth it. The curators will review your music and add your song to their playlist if they like it. To get your music into the ears of some of the most active playlist owners on Spotify set up a campaign with PlaylistPush.