New Platform Updates for Curators

New Platform Updates for Curators

1) Earn more money with the new Curator Referral Program!

Do you know other curators who would be a great fit for Playlist Push? Now, for every curator you refer, you will receive a 10% commission on their first three months of earnings on Playlist Push.

Start earning more at your Referrals Page

2) Updated Curator Guidelines (Please Read):

Curator Guidelines have been updated to provide more details and clarity on proper review activity and prohibited behavior. It’s very important that you review them thoroughly.

Review and accept the updated Curator Guidelines

3) Report a Curator Feature:

Many artists have requested the ability to submit reports for issues with specific reviews and curators, so we created the Report A Curator feature to hold curators to a higher standard and improve the quality of song reviews. Please review how it works via the article below.

Learn more about the Report a Curator feature here

Thank you for continuing to support the growth of independent artists. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated 🙏.

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