How Much Does Spotify Pay Per Stream?

You may have seen articles or posts blogs or artists openly complaining about the payout per stream on Spotify. Take for example Taylor Swift and her taking her music down from Spotify in 2014 as an example. She has recently loaded her entire catalog onto the platform (smart).

The reason no one can answer this questions is due to the fluctuation of streams. Factors that have the most influence on pay per stream is swayed by the following:

Time of year: Due to ad buys being higher during the shopping months (November/December).

Subscription or Premium Stream: The payout per stream is lower from non subscription ad supported streams.

Your label or distribution agreement: Is your distributor taking a cut? Is the track signed to a label? This will obviously have an effect on your total payout.

The most accurate number we have for pay per stream on Spotify is this formula. Instead of calculating your pay per stream it is much easier to figure out the amount of streams it takes to generate one US dollar. The number we have come up with is 279 streams= 1 US dollar. This number was crunched from looking at multiple partners total streams per track. Any where to the artist only have 279 streams to an artist with over 1 million streams. This is the easiest way to calculate the pay for one stream on Spotify!